AquaChek Filters for Compressed Air Systems

AquaChek Filters are designed to eliminate water from compressed air systems. Each filter has an innovative molecular bonding polymer that traps water – up to 28 times the weight of the filter media itself, and traps particulates down to .5 micron. From the point of contact, the polymer forms a molecular bond with the water and won’t release it. Why is there water in compressed air systems? When air is compressed, moisture in the air concentrates to the point where the water starts condensing and turns into free water. This is the single largest cause of air tool and equipment failure.

Most compressor packages don’t include equipment to minimize moisture. Even compressors with drying solutions fail to completely prevent the buildup of water vapor. In order to control free water, water vapor must be controlled. And because water vapor is always present in the air, moisture control filtration is always needed.

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