Polymer Technology Makes Clean, Shop Air Simple & Affordable

Tuesday, 02 December 2003

AquaChek's filters offer tool & equipment owners the ultimate protection from water, rust and corrosion.

Water is a fact of life for compressed air system users. Dealing with that water and the resulting rust and corrosion it causes has become easier than ever. With AquaChekTM compressed air moisture control filters from Wix, tool & equipment life can be increased as much as four times and is your best bet for preventing fisheyes.

AquaChekTM filters are affordable, disposable spin-on filters that can be easily installed to protect tools & equipment from dirt and mositure created in the compressed air system, at the point of compressed air use. Or thay can be installed in locations throughout a shop, to provide system wide protection from dirt and water.

AquaChekTM filters work by trapping water and particulate in a half a micron (0.5) particulate media that has a special super absorbing polymer fiber woven throughout it. Made from material similar to what you find in baby diapers, this fiber reacts to water by capturing it in a gel-like molecule bond. Once water is trapped in that bond the polymer will not release it.

AquaChekTM filters work so well because free water, when it forms in air, occures in particles from three to seven microns in diameter. This is what you see in clouds, fog and mist in the air. The AquaChekTM media acts like a sponge when free water strikes it, absorbing the water into the filter matting and then bringing it into contact with the super absorbing polymer fibers which then absorb the water and lock it up tight.

AquaChekTM filters can be used to replace or enhance existing compressed air moisture and particulate control filtration and come in sizes to meet the needs of systems from fifty CFM to 250 CFM.

AquaChekTM filters are manufactured by Wix Filtration Products, Dana Corp Gastonia, NC

For more information on AquaChekTM filters or the location of a distributor near you check them out online at.