WIX Filters Awarded Patent for In-Vehicle Air Filtration System

Wednesday, 01 November 2006

WIX Filtration Corp. recently received a U. S. patent for a cabin air filtration system designed to protect NASCAR drivers from dust, noxious fumes and carbon monoxide.

The unique air-filtration system consists of three parts: an air intake in the form of a window scoop; an air filter assembly that removes particulate matter, noxious fumes and odors then converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide; and an air duct assembly for delivering fresh air to the driver through the driver’s helmet.

Air filtration is extremely important to professional racecar drivers because they are subjected to high levels of dust, rubber, gas and oil vapors, and deadly carbon monoxide. The new system from WIX is designed to assure a continual flow of cool, clean air to the driver regardless of conditions at the track.

"This advancement in filtration technology is the latest accomplishment in WIX’s 67-year history of innovation," said Bruce Johnston, brand manager for WIX Filters. "The technology behind this new system for NASCAR is also reflected in the cabin air filters that we produce for light and heavy-duty vehicles. Racing is one of our most important research and development initiatives, and all of our customers benefit from what we learn at the track."

The number of cars and trucks with cabin air filtration systems has increased steadily in recent years, and many of these vehicles carry filters designed and manufactured by WIX Filters. While normal traffic conditions are not as strenuous as race tracks, there is growing concern over air pollution and its impact on drivers and passengers. Much like filtration systems developed for NASCAR, cabin air filters for light and heavy-duty vehicles capture contaminants such as soot, dirt and pollen, as well as dangerous airborne gases and odors.

"We are fortunate to have development partners within NASCAR such as Joe Gibbs Racing," said Bill Stamey, co-inventor of the cabin air filtration system and heavy duty engineering manager for WIX Filters. "Innovative technological advancements are the key to meeting our customers ever changing needs and concerns, and we couldn’t ask for a better laboratory than NASCAR where filtration products are tested to the extreme."

The air filtration system patent is the second that WIX Filters has earned this year for engineering advancements in air filtration. In May, the company received a patent for heavy duty air filters with a pre-molded end cap/handle on the closed end to reduce installation and removal times.

"From the first conical air filter to this most recent advancement in air filtration technology, WIX engineers continue to build on our company’s tradition of filtration innovations for automotive, industrial and agricultural applications," Stamey said.

Since 1939, WIX Filters has been an innovator in filtration products. WIX designs, manufactures and distributes products for automotive, diesel, agricultural, industrial and specialty filter markets. Its product line includes oil, air, cabin interior, fuel, coolant, transmission and hydraulic filters for automobiles, trucks and off-road equipment. WIX, a member of the Affinia family of brands, is the number one filter in NASCAR and an exclusive NASCAR Performance Product. WIX Filters’ Internet address is www.wixfilters.com.