WIX® Filters Offers Tips For Selling Cabin Air Filters

Monday, 08 September 2008

The lingering lack of education about cabin air filtration maintenance among consumers has inspired WIX Filters to launch a new seven-step educational approach to help technicians and counterpersons explain and sell cabin air filters.

To support this new educational approach, WIX has developed vivid new packaging, a point-of-sale kit, and the Cabin Air NASTIESÔ – a cast of characters created to educate consumers about the jobs performed by a cabin air filter.

“At WIX, we’re committed to providing our customers with quality products and filtration information. This new approach takes that a step further, helping our customers to help their customers with cabin air filtration needs,” said Jeff Blocher, brand manager for WIX Filters. “As an additional step in the education process, we’ve distributed with the POS materials seven topics that technicians and counterpersons can use to start conversations with their customers.”

Speak Up!  As the concern over air pollution and its impact on drivers and passengers has grown in recent years, the number of cars and trucks with cabin air filtration systems has increased steadily. Ask your customers if they have a cabin air filter and find out if they don’t know. A one year or 15,000 mile change interval is recommended by most manufacturers.

Talk Dirty. Seeing is believing. Show customers a dirty cabin air filter beside a fresh, clean cabin air filter.

Appeal to Their Wallets. Customers may not realize that a clean cabin air filter does more than filter the air they breathe. Dirty cabin air filters can make HVAC systems work harder to reach the desired temperature in the cabin, resulting in unnecessary wear-and-tear on the HVAC system, additional work for the engine, and potentially worse fuel mileage.

Foreign Nameplate. Foreign nameplate vehicle owners may be more familiar with the need for cabin air filter maintenance since these vehicles have featured cabin air filtration systems for more than 20 years. Technicians should take advantage of this knowledge when determining customers to target.

The NASTIES.  Put the WIX Cabin Air NASTIES on your team. When selling cabin air filters utilize all of the educational tools at your disposal, including visual aids that help reinforce the importance of proper cabin air filter maintenance. The Cabin Air Nasties – Aller JenÔ, Tox ’N Ô, Smog DogÔ, and Odor RussÔ – each explains a benefit to cabin air filtration.

BioShieldÔ 75.  Offering cabin air filters with additional protections against the build-up of microbial agents – such as mildew, mold and fungi – that are known to aggravate allergies, is a key benefit to customers. WIX is the only cabin air filter on the market with BioShield 75.

Prepare to Profit Now.  Order cabin air filters for popular makes and models with simple installation procedures in order to maximize revenue. There are more than 200 cabin air filter part numbers, but an initial stocking inventory of 20 to 25 numbers can get you into the profitable business of servicing cabin air filters.

“It can be challenging to offer a service that customers are not aware they need,” Blocher said. “However, educating customers on the benefits of clean cabin air filters can be as simple as selling an oil change if it’s done with compelling information in a hands-on manner.”
If you are interested in WIX Cabin Air Filters point-of-sale materials, and seven tips to selling cabin air filters, please contact your WIX District Sales Manager.

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