Veritable Vegetable Named ‘2012 Green Fleet of the Year’ by WIX®Filters and Fleet Owner Magazine

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

One of the smallest companies chosen for annual award,
San Francisco distribution company recognized for ‘green’ trucking practices

Veritable Vegetable, a full-service distributor of organic fruits and vegetables to independent retailers, cooperative markets, restaurants and schools in California and four western states, has been named the “2012 Green Fleet of the Year” by WIX® Filters and Fleet Owner magazine.The annual award recognizes companies that use green technologies to reduce energy consumption at every level, including truck fleets.

The San Francisco-based company was selected because of its commitment to sustainable business practices including the operation of a modern and clean fleet of vehicles that travels 1.75 million miles annually across California and parts of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

“Ensuring our product stays fresh, and to avoid breakdowns, we need to have state-of-the art equipment,” Mary Jane Evans, Chief Executive Officer and one of three co-owners of Veritable Vegetable, told Fleet Owner magazine. “We are a part of our community and we want every part of our company to contribute positively – that is why we keep our trucks clean and invest in green technologies.”

WIX, a member of the Affinia Group family of brands, and Fleet Owner, a Penton Media publication for executives of commercial trucking fleets, will present the award to Evans and co-owners Bu Nygrens and Karen Salinger at Veritable Vegetable’s transportation department in May.

“Veritable Vegetable is not only a leader in establishing and expanding the organic agriculture industry, it is a proven leader in reducing energy consumption and waste for a company its size,” said Mike Harvey, brand manager for WIX Filters. “With a fleet of only 22 trucks, it is the smallest fleet we have recognized since Fleet Owner launched the award in 2007.”

As part of the award, WIX has offered to conduct a comprehensive fleet assessment designed to reduce business costs for Veritable Vegetable over the next year. WIX will also supply the company with its ecoLASTTM filters, a revolutionary line of heavy duty oil filters that doubles oil life and can save fleets $100 to $200 per vehicle annually.

“Our ecoLAST oil filters represent a significant breakthrough in helping companies such as Veritable Vegetable reduce the operating costs of fleets while also supporting a more sustainable environment,” Harvey said.

According to Evans, the size of the company’s truck fleet – and the award recognizing its efficiencies – is a source of pride at Veritable Vegetable.

“Conducting business based on our personal values is intrinsic to each of us as owners of Veritable Vegetable,” Evans said. “It is really rewarding to be recognized for our company’s contribution to moving food in a sustainable way, and more specifically for all of our efforts to make our fleet so green.”

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