The Story of WIXARD

WIXARD was created in a dark cold night in December 2019 by Dr. Saiful Sajuri (better known as Dr. Zac), the crazy professor and owner of an old orphanage in Singapore. Dr. Zac has noticed that more and more children in the home are suffering from chronic respiratory disease due to prolonged exposure to air pollution. He has been working relentlessly on perfecting his invention, a breathing machine, using different types of filter media from his favorite cabin air filter brand “WIX Filters” – he prefers the filter media that comes with MICROBAN, a technology that he learnt is capable of removing bacteria and allergens. On the night where WIXARD was discovered, Dr. Zac was working on yet another upgrade of the breathing machine, when the machine accidentally fell into a basket of shredded paper sitting beside his desk. To Dr. Zac’s surprise, when he reached into the basket to pull out the machine, he pulled out WIXARD instead. From that point in time, he knows that WIXARD will become the superhero of families around the world, protecting them just like WIX cabin air filters can help them breathe easier by keeping the air inside their car cleaner and healthier!

WIXARD’s Purpose

WIXARD, the newly minted adorable and intelligent looking robot is the mascot developed to help market the WIX Filters brand in the region. Especially for the cabin air filter product category whose primary target audience are the families (car owners, passengers, the elderlies, parents and young children).

Unlike the norm, where the target audience of automotive related advertising campaigns are typically male vehicle owners, it was identified that their spouses and children, being users of the family car, can be huge influencers in the purchase decision process. And, WIXARD was created to look adorable to appeal to this new audience group. It adopted the image of a robot to signify the advancement of automotive filtration technologies at WIX Filters.

WIXARD made its first full appearance online in SEA in June 2020, following a “Solve the jigsaw puzzle” contest launched across the region’s Facebook pages. The name “WIXARD” was selected out of hundreds of entries from the “Name the Robot” contest held soon after.

WIXARD’s image has since been featured online and on the packaging flaps of selected WIX Filters cabin air filters available for sale at modern retail points in Singapore. The retail packaging also includes decals and stickers featuring WIXARD to drive brand awareness and recognition.

WIXARD will be the hero and featured in upcoming WIX Filters campaigns and marketing activities. Say “Hi!” or give him a wave back when you spot him!

Hi! My name is WIXARD.

I’m the newly minted mascot of
WIX Filters for the SEA region!
And I’m excited to share more about myself with you!
Fun Facts about WIXARD
Born – 19 December 2019
Personality – fun, energetic, heroic
Gains energy by – absorbing dust, pollens, allergens, bacteria, odors i.e. anything harmful
Hobby – Loves going for drives
Goals in life – protecting people and their loved ones