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The WIX Racing Products covers technical information and part numbers for racing filters that have been track tested and proven in all levels of stock car, dirt track, off-road and drag racing.

The WIX Racing Filters Catalog covers the full line of WIX racing oil, air and fuel filters, along with the WIX line of cast aluminum racing mounting bases designed for converting engine mounted spin-on oil filters to a remote mounted position. The catalog also includes detailed filter specifications, a stock OEM filter location and application list for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors/Chevrolet engines, plus a filter cross reference list.

We offer two very different and distinct racing filter lines. For maximum flow and horsepower the lowest restriction pure racing media filters are recommended – oil (T-10) and air (T-66). However, when endurance and better engine protection are needed, WIX’s high efficiency endurance media filters are the correct choice – oil (T-71) and air (T-88).

Racing filters are not intended for street use and often void new vehicle and equipment warranties. Installation on a street or highway driven vehicle may be a violation of state or federal law.

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